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Compatibility with Mac - simulation mode

By Jean-Louis MONIN - 3/6/2024 4:51:04 PM

I have a mac with a M1 processor, so SD runs on it, with a QWERTY keyboard. 
I am currently using the trial version of SD;
I tested the simulation mode but I have the following problems : 
- I don't find how to stop the simulation mode ; my plane keeps flying and flying ... 
- if I press 'Q' to increase  the speed (cross one NM), noting happens
- the right / left arrows have no effect on the direction of the flight 
- the '+' and '-' keys have no effect on the altitude 

So I wonder if the simulation mode works correctly on macs ? 

By Tim Dawson - 3/7/2024 9:44:47 AM

I think you're trying to use key commands that are in the PC version of SkyDemon.

You just need to drag the aircraft around with your mouse or your finger, if you want to change its position to simulate SkyDemon's behaviour in certain forced situations.

You can also drag it up and down in virtual radar, to change its altitude.